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2st-5th of September (Fri-Mon)
  • Competition ”Braid making”
2nd of September (Fri)
  • 13.00h Seventh International Scientific Conference ”Traditional crafts – past, present, future”
3rd of September (Sat)
  • 8.00h – 16.00h Fair of traditional crafts – exhibition bazaar in the open
  • 9.30 h. Seventh International Scientific conference ”Traditional crafts – past, present, future”
  • 10.00 h. Folklore music
  • 11.30h. Opening of Exhibition bazaar of Julieta Petkova from Plovdiv winner in the last year craftsmen competition Plaiting of articles of maize leaves.
4th of September (Sun)
  • 8.00 h – 18 h Fair of traditional crafts Exhibition bazaar in the open air
  • 11.30h . Official opening of the fair
  • 12.00h. Gabrovian voices “Folklore group community centre Gabrovo-2002”
  • 12.20h .Folklore group” Zagore” from St.Zagora
  • 13.20h “I’ve dressed up, made up, looked at myself and liked it” – National costumes-show from the Regional historical museum, Kyustendil
  • 14.20h .Dance folk group “Triavna” community centre 1871 Triavna
5th of September (Mon)
  • 8.00-18 Fair of traditional crafts –exhibition bazaar in the open air
  • 11.30h. Folklore group”Sivek” t.Gabrovo
  • 11.50h .Goleshovski fantove v.Goleshovo
  • 12.20h. Dance folk group “Ahinora” . Isperih
  • 13.40h .Puppet show – Radostina Andreeva,Dimitar Shanov t.Gabrovo
  • 13.50h .” Banski starcheta” men folk group from Bansko
6th of September (Tue)
  • 8.00-18.00h Fair of traditional crafts exhibition bazaar in the open air
  • 11.30h . Folklore group ”Slanchev briag”t.Nesebar
  • 12.30h .Folklore group – community centre –“Probuzdane”1902v.Gorsko Novo selo
  • 12.50h. Folkolore group community centre “Badeshte”1894 v.Apriltsy
  • 13.10h . Folklore group community centre “Saglasie” t.Debelets
  • 13.40h. Elitsa Nedelcheva – solo singer, graduated at the National Arts School ”Dobri Hristov”, Varna
  • 13. 50 h 100 soft bagpipe”t . S Smolian
  • 15.00h.Official closing of the Fair
      Demonstration of home occupations in the days of the fair:
  • Plaiting of articles of maize leaves
  • Knitting of hampers, baskets, bee hives
  • Dyeing of woolen yarn with natural dyes
  • Smoking of plums