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03-06 September /Wed.-Sat./
  • Competition of masters-coppersmiths
05 Sept. /Fri./
  • 8:00 - 18:00h. Folk Crafts Fair -Bazaar-exhibition in the open-air /meadow of the museum/
  • 110:00 h. - Official Opening of the Fair. Church service.
  • 10:30 h. - Opening of a bazaar-exhibition "The Wood-Occupation and Art"-masters from Karlovo are guests
  • 11:00 h. - Working Session, entitled "Museums and Cultural Tourism" - Scientific adviser-associate professor Dr. Simeon Nedkov and Desislava Mihalkova
  • 11:30h.
    • Performances of authentic folklore group from village Ledenik, V. Tarnovo region
    • Storytellers of folk humour and wags
    • Puppets show "Racho and Deshka
    • Performances of State Folklore Ensemble "Gabrovche"
    • Individual performers on Bulgarian folk musical instruments
06 Sept./Sat./
  • 8:00 - 18:00h. Folk Crafts Fair-bazaar-exhibition in the open /meadow of the museum/
  • 11:30h. Performances of authentic folklore group from Cultural Community Center"Razvitie", Sevlievo
  • 12 :15h Fashion-show of national costumes from different regions in Bulgaria.
  • 13:30h. Storytellers of folk humour and wags
  • 20:00h. Masters' night. Reporting of the results from the competition and awarding the fair prizes to the winners.
07 Sept. /Sun./
  • 8:00-18:00h. Folk Crafts Fair- exhibition-bazaar in the open /meadow of the museum/
  • 11:30h.
    • Performances of folklore group " Gorublenski babi"/"Grandmothers from Gorublene"
    • Individual performers no Bulgarian folk musical instruments
  • 14:30h. Official Closing of the Fair
In the days of the Fair there will be some other events:
  • Information centre at the lobby of the hotel "Stannopriemnitsa" - information about the Fair and the programmes of the Bulgarian museums for 2003-2004
  • Demonstrations of Home Crafts
    • Twisting of ropes from goat's hair and tow
    • Weaving of big and small baskets, skeps, panniers
    • Plaiting of cornhusks
    • Dyeing of woolen yarn with natural dyes
    • Smoking of plums
    • Making of 'madzun'-a kind of treacle from plums
    • Offering of traditional dishes and drinks
      - "pestil' -a kind of damson cheese
      - hominy